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Our range of anti-slip vinyl flooring CANOPUS PLUS and REGOR ensure an ideal solution for heavy traffic applications where enhanced slip resistence, durability, hygiene and aesthetic are required.

  • Reinforced grid for stability and durability, and very good performance in heavy traffic applications
  • Silicon carbide particles, for a decorative effect and slip resistant properties
  • Suitable for transport in buses, trains, ships and airplanes. Also applicable for non-slip performance in industrial areas and wet zones

Main characteristics

  • Anti-slip flexible vinyl
  • Thickness 2mm with silicone carbide particles
  • Rolls of 2 m x 15 m and 1,2 m x 20 m available

All products are tested and certified under European EN and American ASTM Norms.

Regor Negro
CANOPUS PLUS                               REGOR

Inox antideslizante Vinilo para suelos ascensorista

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