Bertran Acers Industrials is specialized in the storage, distribution and marketing of products for the metallurgical sector.

Stainless steels

Stainless steel: 5WL, 6WL, Leinen, Leder, Eisblume, Karo, Raute

We have plates with a variety of finishes on stainless steels embossed and decorative, anti-slip, special for machinery slip, and handrails. German made with the highest level of quality. Available in stainless steel AISI 304 and can also be ordered in AISI 316 (depending on models and formats).

Stainless Steel anti-slip

5WL KS antideslizanteStainless steel anti-slip plate made in Germany complying norm DIN 51130 up to R13. Available in thickness up to 6 mm in various finishes and sizes.

Pre-coated steel sheet “Skinplate”

Pre-coated steel sheet LAMPRE

Available in sheet or coil. A compound of steel, low carbon, hot dip galvanized cold-forming. Precoated with a layer of thermoplastic film and transparent removable protective film. Available in plain colors, embossed, special finishes for outdoor, and food-safe finishes. Its use is very extensive, in doors, elevators, panels, etc.

Pre-coated steel sheet SPECIAL

Pre-coated steel sheet SPECIAL: Lamtop, Sanisteel, Colaminated

The range of SPECIAL Pre-coated steel: Lamtop, Sanisteel, Colaminated is a quantum leap in performance of PVC, with specific characteristics in each segment.

Stainless steel handrail

Stainless steel handrail AISI 304We have great variety of high quality of handrails in AISI 304, also available in AISI 316.

Stainless steel folding Seat

Stainless steel folding Seat

Stainless steel folding seats with different finishes. They can be intregrated in a wall, for exemple in a elevator cabins.

Vinyl floor anti-slip, antibacterial and antifungal

Vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring antislip, antibacterial and antifungal suitable for transport applications in buses, trains, ships and airplanes. It is also applicable for non-slip performance in most commercial and industrial areas. It is the ideal solution for heavy traffic applications where enhanced slip resistance, durability, hygiene and aesthetic beauty are required.

Inox antideslizante Vinilo para suelos ascensorista

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